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Our team has performed at the White House, the Obama inauguration and professional sporting events. If you are interested in booking a performance for a wedding, grand opening, cultural celebration, school or other celebratory occasion, contact us for availability.

Our Team

Our lion dance team spans generations, with lion dance performers, choreographer directors, and musicians (drummers, cymbals, cha-chas, gong). We pass down the culture and tradition with each generation teaches the next.

We are seeking new lion dance performers and drummers of all ages. We have performers as young as 7 years old and are willing to train any newcomers.




History & Tradition

Lion dance is an important tradition in Chinese culture, and in other Asian cultures, as it brings good luck and fortune. It is usually performed during festive occasions like Chinese New Year, Grand opening of businesses, and weddings. It is believed that loud sounds of the cymbals, gong and drums scare away evil and welcome good fortune.

The Chinese people regard the Lion as a symbol of bravery and peace. They hoped that, by using the bravery of the lion, they might chase away evil spirits.

It combines art, history, and martial arts in an extraordinary performance. Normally, the performers have some martial arts background, as the dance requires suppleness, flexibility, fitness, strength and balance.

Every type of movement has a specific musical rhythm and the music mimics the movement of the lion. The drumbeat follows the lion and the cymbals and gong players follow the drum. The whole dance requires precision and that each member of the team performs in unison.