About Us

Chinese Youth Club

The Chinese Youth Club, Inc. was established and chartered in 1939. CYC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides opportunities for our members to engage with the local community through volunteer activities, athletics, and cultural education. CYC emphasizes the character building of youth members so that they can be empowered as productive individuals in their personal and professional lives.

CYC believes that teamwork, sportsmanship, and instilling positive values such as integrity, respect, and volunteerism will create a stronger generation of individuals. With our senior members mentoring junior members through their active participation in the CYC programs, we build strong relationships between one generation and the next as they share meaningful experiences.

Our Programs


Programs for youth, women and men that participates in local, regional, and national tournaments


Traditional 6-Man volleyball for the women, and a unique form of the sport called 9-Man volleyball.

Lion Dance

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance training and performance program.


Serving our community through volunteer events and activities.

Our Mission

CYC enriches the lives of Asian youth in our community.

We’re an organization that provides opportunities for its members to be productive individuals in the local community. Our emphasis is on fostering youth development through the active participation of members in the different programs. We believe character building results from teamwork and good sportsmanship, while instilling positive values. Our programs provide senior members the opportunity to mentor junior members to pass down traditions and help them uncover their cultural identity, true passions, and unique talents.

Our Members

Serving the Greater Washington DC area since 1939

in DC Chinatown

Membership has expanded outward from Chinatown to the DMV area and Baltimore but the tradition of providing a conduit to Chinese culture and team camaraderie. As one of the longest tenured organizations serving the Asian youth in this area, generations of families have been engaged with CYC, and we continue to expand in membership and level of participation. There are many members who are now 3rd and 4th generation families actively participating in CYC and have continued to pass on the torch to the next generation. The people who keep this running tradition of CYC on its feet are the Executive Officers, Board of Directors and the Committee Directors.

Executive Officers

Rob Lee
Rob Lee


Emily Hallam

Vice President

Penny Lee


Brandon Hsia


Board of Directors

Art Goon
Art Goon

Chairman of the Board

Jack Lee
Jack Lee

Vice Chairman

Wally Lee
Wally Lee

Board Member

Patrick (2e) Chin

Board Member

Simon Wang
Simon Wang

Board Member

Committee Directors

Lion Dance Directors – Katherine Rodriguez and Phillip Lee: liondanceCYC@gmail.com

Director of Athletics/Basketball – Rob Lee: basketball@washingtoncyc.com

Director of Volleyball – Danny Deng: volleyball@washingtoncyc.com

Director of Communications – TBD: communications@washingtoncyc.com